Unique Sales Agency Value Proposition

At Unique Sales Agency (USA) we know that value is paramount to you. Value is a major determining factor in who you choose to do business with.

We offer you extreme value. Extreme Value to you as our customer. Extreme value to our manufacturer.

  1. Specialized Attention to Specialty Products.

    Certainly, We are a catalyst. A driver, that delivers specialty products that are not typically well known, into your hands. We do this from Coast to Coast, offering service to both you our customer and our manufacturer. Namely, service that is not found in your manufacturers representative firm. While others may be focused just on the commodity products, we specialize for you.

    Furthermore, for a manufacturer who is not as well known, or who doesn’t have a sales force throughout the country we offer a huge benefit. We specialize in selling highly technical products. Made to order items. We love solving your problems in your unique situation.

  2. Customer Base throughout the USA.

    Unlike a typical rep firm who covers a single state or region, USA has developed a strong customer base throughout the United States. Working from our Florida headquarters, and with our sales offices throughout the country we serve our broad and diverse customer base in a Unique way!

    From New York to California. From Florida to Michigan. From Arizona to Hawaii and Alaska. We serve specialty customers who require technical excellence and attention on their projects. No matter what state you’re in, we are America’s local Rep Firm.

    In today’s age of technology having a face to face meeting, is as easy as connecting via Skype or Google Hangouts.

    Do you need a hands-on presentation? Perfect. Just let us know what day works best and we can fly in to work on a plan with you.

  3. We are Relentless.

    We believe that It is not your job to remember us, but it is instead our obligation and responsibility to make sure you don’t have the chance to forget us.

    While others may make their living sitting and waiting for the phone to ring, we pride ourselves on contacting over 10,000+ customers via outbound communications per month. If we are not relentless we would be doing both you and our manufacturer a disservice.

    Finally, You count on us keeping in touch and providing high-quality service each and every time you need to order. You count on us being relentless to get you the product you need quickly. You also count on us to be relentless in making sure that product is delivered on time. You won’t find another rep firm that has the desire to make this happen.