FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!




FAQ – Where are you located?



Our headquarters is in Southwest Florida, and we have sales offices in Michigan, California, and North Carolina. Additionally, the numerous factories we represent have Manufacturing facilities and distribution locations throughout the United States to support your unique requirements.





FAQ – What do you sell?



USA is a premiere electrical manufacturers representative selling you products from many of the top manufacturers in the United States, and a few of the best multinational manufacturers. Specifically, we sell Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable, Connectors, Cable Glands, Flexible Conduit, Cable accessories, and LED Lighting. We are always adding product lines and reviewing new manufacturer partners to continue offering you more value.

  • 1- All types of Wire & Cable, factory direct (Except Romex).
  • 2 – All types of LED Lighting, factory direct.
  • 3 – All types of Flexible Metallic and Non-Metallic Conduit, factory direct.
  • 4 – MC Cable Connectors and Armored Cable Glands, factory direct.
  • 5 – Custom products, Hard to find products, non-stock products — Factory Direct.





FAQ – Are you a distributor?



No. To emphasize, USA is a manufacturers’ representative sales agency. We are not a re-seller. Furthermore, we are part of the factory sales team selling directly from the factory to our customers in wholesale distribution, OEM, MRO, Utilities, and Specialty Contractors.







FAQ – Why wouldn’t I just call the factory direct?



We are part of the factory, and you are dealing direct. You absolutely can call any of the many manufacturers we represent, but you won’t be gaining an advantage by doing so as we are part of the factory sales force. Furthermore, Through the law of agency, USA is a direct sales agent of the factory. For example, we have legal authority to make decisions on behalf of our principal (The factory), and we do not add an additional cost to your order. Accordingly, We actually save the factory money providing a lower cost, higher customer value generating sales force. Additionally, we give you the customer an advocate to help work towards generating more business. For more information on what a rep agency is, you may read the following article:  “What is a manufacturers’ rep?”






FAQ – We don’t have an account with you, do we?



Actually, you wouldn’t have an account with us. Additionally, USA may not be listed in your system because we are a manufacturers’ rep. However, you probably have had, or currently have, an account with the manufacturers we represent. Furthermore, if you do not have an account with our factory we’ll quickly work to establish your new account.






FAQ – What’s your Minimum order, and what’s Freight Allowed?



To clarify, we are a manufacturers’ representative. Particularly, we don’t have a single freight allowed or minimum order amount. We represent 20 different manufacturers. However, each manufacturer has a specific dollar amount or weight to meet freight allowed or a minimum order.

Typically industry standard Freight Allowed amounts are as follows:

  • Copper building wire – 5000 lbs+.
  • Aluminum Utility Wire – 5000 lbs+.
  • Bare Copper Wire – 2000 lb+.
  • LED Lighting – 40 fixtures+.
  • Flexible Metallic and Non-Metallic Conduit & fittings – Varies.
  • Connectors & Glands – Varies.
  • Custom Cable – Varies.