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About Hanhe-Cable, China’s #1 Wire & Cable Manufacturer:

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Quality & Stability:


Hanhe Cable is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and is the #1 Wire & Cable manufacturer in terms of high-quality products, superior service, and integrated competitiveness in the China cable and wire industry. You can find Hanhe Cable listed in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, Businessweek, and the company’s owner listed at #295 on the Forbes 400 Richest in China list. Hanhe Cable USA is part of Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd., a multi-billion dollar cable and wire giant in Qingdao, China.

Unmatched Technical Abilities:

Hanhe is a technology-intensive enterprise, a key high-tech company throughout the world. In the United States, Hanhe is recognized as top-rated credit enterprise. As an industry leader, Hanhe integrates Cable and Accessory Systems, Smart Grid Technologies, and Transmission & Transformation Projects which are second to none.

Hanhe has the unique ability to perform three scopes of work for high voltage projects, including R&D, manufacturing, and operation of products. Besides Hanhe’s Qingdao headquarters, Qingdao Huadian High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Hanhe Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd., Hanhe has also established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Jiaozuo, Xiuwu, Changsha, Beihai, Changzhou, Nvdao and Hanhe Cable USA. Hanhe owns the National-certified Enterprise Technology Center, National Research Center for HV and EHV Cables Engineering Technology, as well as a Postdoctoral Programme for students across the globe.

Safety and Quality Management:


Hanhe is the first cable company in the world to attain ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification, and has also gained PCCC, KEMA, DNV, and UL certification and recognition.

Successful Track Record in the USA:

Hanhe is a qualified supplier of Shell, Rio Tinto, Siemens, National Grid, Saudi Aramco, KNPC, and more, supplying cable and wire to many important projects across the United States over the past 20 years. Hanhe is represented by (USA) Unique Sales Agency, a top manufacturer sales representative based out of South West Florida. You can visit usa-agent.com for more information on USA.

For details and more information please e-mail us, or call 1-949-306-6899.



Hanhe Cable Awards

  • #1 Rated Customer Satisfied Brand in the China Cable and Wire Industry
  • The Most Influential Brand in China Cable and Wire Industry
  • Excellent Management Award by China Quality Certification Center Shandong Audit Center
  • Top 100 Most Influential Brand in China Mechanical and Electronic Industry
  • Top 500 Manufacturer of China
  • Top 500 Global Chinese High-Tech Enterprise
  • Top 10 Competitive Enterprise in China Cable and Wire Industry
  • Chinese Model Enterprise for Technical Innovation
  • Power Security Contribution Award for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.





Hanhe Cable Manufacturing Facilities


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Synergy - USA - Unique Sales Agency, Manufacturers' Represented

Hanhe Cable USA Manufacturers Representative – Unique Sales Agency

First, USA represents quality electrical manufacturers’ around the world. Some of our manufacturers’ represented you may know like the back of your hand, and some of them might end up being your best-kept secret.

Second, When you’re working with USA and our manufacturers’, you can definitely count on these three elements.

  1. Trust. 

    Both USA and our manufacturers have a reputation of being best-in-class at what we do. You can trust your unique needs will be met. We will deliver results to your organization.

  2. Quality. 

    While we deliver results, those results are high quality. The products we sell are manufactured to the highest standards by some of the best manufacturers in the world. All of our manufacturers’ represented perform to standards that are equal to or greater than those listed in ISO 9001-2008.

  3. Performance. 

    All products sold are manufactured to global standards including ICEA, IEEE, NEMA and ASTM. We don’t believe in offering inferior products, and we know you and your customers appreciate that. When it comes to performance, we are looking to exceed your expectations.

Finally, you have a manufacturer’s rep firm in your arsenal who will do all the little things that you need to get ahead of the competition. Count on USA to help you win more business, and let’s grow together.

For details and more information on Hanhe Cable please e-mail us, or call 1-949-306-6899.