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Who is Kalas Wire & Cable?

For more than 55 years, Kalas has delivered dependable solutions. We are vertically and strategically integrated for superior material control and are constantly evolving to find new ways to deliver value to our customers with collaborative partnerships and technical expertise.


From a wide range of industries to an even greater variety of applications, Kalas is trusted to provide reliability where it matters.

Our entire bulk wire manufacturing process starts with 5/16″ copper rod. From rod breakdown to high-speed bunching and stranding, quality and consistency are the keys to our success.

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For more than forty years, the Kalas Engineered Cable Product Division (ECPD) has been providing dedicated technical support and collaborative solutions to our valued partners. Each year we produce more than five million heavy duty cable assemblies for the global leaders in agriculture, truck and construction, and a variety of other industrial markets.

As a UL, SAE and TS certified manufacturer, we have in-house testing and a UL representative on site two days each week for quality you can trust. Our commitment to on-going training and education assures the most current research and technology is implemented into our products and processes.

Our customers depend on Kalas for reliable wire and cable experience and trust our sincere commitment to ensuring their success.




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Engineered Product Categories



Kalas Industrial

Kalas Industrial was created with the singular focus of delivering value to the markets we serve. As an extension to a fully integrated copper wire and compound facility, we offer our customers a one-stop service model for unprecedented value.

Our collaborative solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each customer including custom print, sequential markings, proprietary packaging and Quick Ship order fulfillment for assemblies and stock cable.

With over a half century of experience, dedicated in-house testing and ISO certified manufacturing facilities, you can depend on Kalas :Industrial to deliver wire, cable and value add solutions.





You can view our industrial products in the Kalas :Industrial Line Card.

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Kalas Wire & Cable Featured Product – Portable Cord



Kalas Wire & Cable Portable cord is used for portable power distribution – any application requiring temporary or portable power. Cord is generally called Service Cord when it is intended to provide electrical service to an appliance or motor. The term “portable” indicates that it is intended for non-permanent use. Flexible may also be added and defines flexible cords and flexible cables used in applications specified by Article 400 of the National Electric Code. Depending on type, size, and application, portable cord may have the following 3rd party designations: UL, CSA, MSHA, OSHA.


Every letter in the designation of portable cord has a specific meaning relating to the cord’s construction and applications:


ABC's of Portable Cord - Kalas Wire, USA



Prior to 1981, two basic cord types existed: PVC and Rubber STOW & SOW). Kalas Wire & Cable is one of the pioneers of SEOW and SJEOW constructions using TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) technology, to give customers the “best of both worlds” – the chemical resistance characteristics of PVC and flexibility properties of Rubber with additional enhancements.


TPE has been adopted in many industries as an alternative to traditional rubber technology because of its durability, flexibility and abrasion resistance. The worldwide demand for TPE is now over 2 billion pounds/year and has surpassed the demand of rubber material. TPE is widely used in the automobile and shoe industries because it can handle a wide temperature range and remains flexible at the same time.

Everyday products you may be familiar with that employ TPE technology include automobile dashboards, steering wheels, air bag covers, and soles for footwear.


SEOOW is a far better product for the same price

The inherent features and benefits of TPE compounds provide industrial, commercial, and construction users with a tough portable cord that is easy-to-strip, lighter in weight, and fully recyclable. And because TPE compounds are cost competitive, there is no premium on price for standard black TPE over standard black Rubber cord.




TPE (SEOOW and SJEOOW) cord is widely accepted as “black cord” or “SO Cord”. In most cases, SEOOW is even preferred over SO cord. Several manufacturers of rubber cord recently recognized the market demand for SEOOW cord and have added it to their traditional rubber cord product line.

Kalas Wire & Cable offers a complete line of portable cord to cover full range of applications:



Ultra Flexible SEOOW & SJEOOW

SEOOW & SJEOOW for Extra Cold Weather

TPE Control Cable

Compact TPE Cable

Portable Power Elastomer (PPE)


105 degree rated TPE SEOOW & SJEOOW – Black

The TPE product that is used as an alternative to standard black “SO” cord. The industry recently standardized on double O” rating for all portable cord “OO”. Consistent with this change, Kalas Wire & Cable’s Black standard product is now SEOOW and SJEOOW rated.



General indoor and outdoor temporary power applications such Heavy machine tools Compressors, Portable tools Motor controls, Industrial controls Robotic systems, Class 1 Division 1 (with appropriate connectors).

SEOOW for 600V applications; SJEOOW for 300V applications.



Easy to Strip – even long lengths

Wide Temperature Rating: -50°C to 105°C

15% lighter in weight than SOOW

Non-Wicking Polypropylene Fillers

Less Porous means less absorbent, stays cleaner

Superior abrasion resistance and chemical resistance

Fully recyclable


Higher Dielectric Strength, Higher Tensile Strength

Suited for custom coloring


Industry Approvals:

• UL Listed


• CSA Certified

• Federal Spec #JC580B – Cord, Electrical, and Wire, Electrical


SOOW/Rubber Challenges:

The following are typical challenges from suppliers of rubber cord and the Kalas TPE Answer to the challenge.


Challenge 1:  Kalas TPE has a larger outside diameter than Rubber. If the user is attaching a connector, he/she will have to check the specifications on the outside dimension.

• Kalas TPE Response: TPE nominal OD is consistent with typical tolerances of standard rubber cord. If a user is attaching a connector, he should check the outside diameter of the cord, whether it is rubber or TPE.


Challenge 2: TPE is plastic (a Thermoplastic Elastomer). If the user is molding connectors using thermoset technology, it will not adhere to the thermoplastic elastomer.

• Kalas TPE Response: a Thermoset (rubber) connector cannot be molded onto a rubber cord either. Once SO has been cured, it cannot be remolded. However, a PVC plug can be connectorized (molded) to a (TPE) cord.


Challenge 3: Rubber is tested to more stringent burn/flame tests.

• Kalas TPE Response: TPE is UL listed and adheres to testing conducted under UL Standard 62. Thus, Kalas TPE has met all necessary UL requirements.


Challenge 4: Competitors often subject TPE to an open flame in an attempt to scare users with the product “melting”.

• Kalas TPE Response: The reality is that the NEC code for portable cord installation specifically prohibits exposure to an open flame; nullifying any validity of the “open-flame test”. However, if the product should come into contact with an open flame, the TPE visibly shows signs of damage, giving the users an opportunity to inspect and replace. Rubber cord may not show these same signs of damage, leaving the potential for an unrealized faulty cord.


Kalas 105 degree Yellow TPE SEOOW & SJEOOW

Kalas Wire & Cable’s Yellow TPE Cord is built for the toughest environments, outperforms other “Premium Yellow” SO cord like General Cable’s popular Super Vu-Tron; yet costs less. The superior construction of Kalas TPE has a higher grade jacket compound, 25% more abrasion resistance, and a better temperature rating; -60°C.



• Any customer currently buying “Super SO” cord and paying a premium. Kalas TPE is a better cord for a lower cost.

• Heavy industrial indoor and outdoor temporary power applications

• High abrasion areas or chemical exposure

• Applications requiring high visibility for Safety

• Class 1 Division 1 (with appropriate connectors) SEOOW for 600V applications; SJEOOW for 300V applications.



• Higher Grade Jacket Compound

• 25% more abrasion resistant

• Broader temperature rating (-60°C to 105°C)

• High Visibility/Safety Yellow


PLUS (Kalas TPE Features/Benefits)

• Easy to Strip – even long lengths

• 15% lighter in weight than SOOW

• Non-Wicking Polypropylene Fillers

• Less Porous means less absorbent; stays cleaner

• Fully recyclable

• Higher Dielectric Strength

• Higher Tensile Strength

• Suited for custom coloring


Industry Approvals:

• UL Listed


• CSA Certified


SOOW/Rubber Challenges:

The following are typical challenges from suppliers of “Super SO” rubber cord and the Suprene™ Answer to the challenge.


Challenge 1: TPE does not have the inner cloth to provide strength, flexibility and strip-ability.

• Kalas TPE Response: Our TPE does not need the inner cloth to provide better tensile strength, greater flexibility, and easier strip-ability than the premium rubber product.


Challenge 2: Super SO is currently specified in many facilities.

• Kalas TPE Response: True – all the more opportunity for a better alternative that saves customers money.


Kalas Extra Flexible TPE Cord

For those who demand the ultimate in flexibility, Kalas introduces Extra Flexible TPE Cord…the most flexible cord on the market today. Our Extra Flexible Cord offers all of the benefits of SEOOW with the increased flexibility created by the use of 34-gauge bare copper stranding.



• Wherever cable requires frequent handling and/or coiling

• OEM applications where used as power supply cord with attached or molded ends

• Indoor or outdoor portable cord applications

• Class 1 Division 1 (with appropriate connectors)



• Class M, 34 gauge bare copper stranding offering ultimate flexibility

• TPE  compounds provide tough, flexible jacket.

• Easy to Strip, Easy to Coil

• Chemical and Abrasion Resistant

• Broad Temperature Rating: -50° to 105°C

• Fully Recyclable

• Plus other Kalas TPE Features/Benefits


Industry Approvals:

• UL Listed


• CSA Certified



Cold Weather Cord

For those who need a portable cord with the ability to flex at extremely low temperatures, Kalas offers an Ultra-Cold Weather portable cord. This new portable cord consists of a TPE compound that allows it to pass the UL cold bend test at –70°C. Yet this cord can still be used in environments that reach temperatures up to 105°C. Kalas Ultra-Cold Weather cord offers all the benefits of SEOOW cord plus additional enhancements.

Kalas Ultra-Cold Weather Cord is the lightest cord (per 1000’) of any portable cord. Its compounds are also lead-free, meeting the environmental requirements of Proposition 65 in California as well as the RoHS directive and, as are all Kalas portable cords, is 100% recyclable.



• Developed for cold weather applications, but can still be used in other environments

• Winter Sports Facilities

• Freezers

• Where extreme winter weather exists

• Class 1 Division 1 (with appropriate connectors)



• Flexible at extremely cold temperatures (-70°C)

• Lightest in weight of any portable cord

• Lead-Free compounds meet requirements of Proposition 65 in California

• Fully Recyclable

• Easy to Strip

• Abrasion & Chemical Resistant

• Non-Marking

• Plus Other Seoprene® Features/Benefits


Industry Approvals:

• UL Listed


• CSA Certified



Kalas TPE Control Cable

Control cable ranges from 18-10 AWG and has 5 or more conductors. Kalas TPE Control Cable is jacketed with our TPE compound, offering exceptional abrasion resistance, a broad temperature rating, and resistance to oil, chemical, water, ozone, and solvents. With all of these features, Kalas TPE Control Cable from Kalas Wire & Cable offers lightweight flexibility and mechanical toughness in a multi-conductor construction.



• General 600V Control and Instrumentation Systems

• Industrial Plants, Processing Facilities

• Push Button Line Controls

• Temperature Control Systems

• Motor Controls

• Robotic Systems Controls

• Portable Control Systems

• Class 1 Division 1 (with appropriate connectors)



• Maintains electrical integrity in harshest environments

• All weather protection from -50°C to 105°C

• Excellent conductor coloring for easy identification

• Flame retardant

• Resistant to oil, chemical, water, ozone, and solvents

• Lighter in weight, easy to strip, fully recyclable and other benefits inherent in the Kalas TPE family of portable cord


Industry Approvals:

UL Listed


• CSA Certified

• NEC Article 400 – Flexible Cords and Cables Listed


Kalas Compact TPE Portable Cord

Kalas Wire & Cable’s Compact Portable Cord is similar to other lines of reduced diameter control cable. Kalas Compact Cord has a specially engineered small diameter, making it ideal for tight, restricted areas requiring higher strength, greater flexibility, and higher amperage.



• Light and Heavy Industrial Facilities

• Steel, paper, chemical, textile, petroleum industries

• Cranes, Hoists, and Mechanical arms

• For use in Pendants, Conduit, Raceways and Festoon Systems

• Control and Signal Circuits

• NEC Article 336 Applications



• Maintains electrical and mechanical integrity in flexing applications. — More than 1 million flex cycles without degradation.

• Reinforced polyester core wrap provides high dielectric and mechanical strength; and easy jacket removal.

• TPE jacket protects against oil, gas, ozone, chemicals and abrasion.

• Fully recyclable.


Industry Approvals:

• UL Listed

• NEC Article 336 – Power and Control Cables: Type TC


Portable Power Elastomer (PPE)

Kalas is an innovator of PPE. We developed this product to meet the applications of your single conductor Type W, but with a construction that is lighter in weight and has superior abrasion resistance.



• Portable Power Generators

• Large Motors

• Oil Refineries

• Conveyors

• Wet environments—including submersion



• Class K Stranding provides Superior Flexibility

• Lighter in weight than other W’s

• Resistant to oil, chemicals, ozone and water

• Non-Wicking Polypropylene Fillers

• Temperature rated -40°C to 90°C

• Fully Recyclable


Industry Approvals:

• UL Listed

• MSHA approved

• NEC Article 400 – Flexible Cords and Cables


PPE/Type W Challenges:

Many customers have been using Type W for years and are reluctant to try a new cable.

PPE/Type W Challenge 1: We’ve always used Type W and it has always worked. Why should we switch?

• Kalas PPE Response: Switching from a rubber construction to the TPE construction offers several advantages; lighter in weight, easier to strip, and with the Class K copper, a more flexible cable.

PPE/Type W Challenge 2: PPE is not listed in the National Electric Code.

• PPE Response: PPE is listed in Article 400 of the NEC and has been since 1996.

Ampacities for PPE and Type W, G, G-GC are listed in the same chart, 400.5(B), and are identical.



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Synergy - USA - Unique Sales Agency, Manufacturers' Represented

Kalas Wire & Cable Manufacturers Representative – Unique Sales Agency

First, USA represents quality electrical manufacturers’ around the world. Some of our manufacturers’ represented you may know like the back of your hand, and some of them might end up being your best-kept secret.

Second, When you’re working with USA and our manufacturers’, you can definitely count on these three elements.

  1. Trust. 

    Both USA and our manufacturers have a reputation of being best-in-class at what we do. You can trust your unique needs will be met. We will deliver results to your organization.

  2. Quality. 

    While we deliver results, those results are high quality. The products we sell are manufactured to the highest standards by some of the best manufacturers in the world. All of our manufacturers’ represented perform to standards that are equal to or greater than those listed in ISO 9001-2008.

  3. Performance. 

    All products sold are manufactured to global standards including ICEA, IEEE, NEMA and ASTM. We don’t believe in offering inferior products, and we know you and your customers appreciate that. When it comes to performance, we are looking to exceed your expectations.

Finally, you have a manufacturer’s rep firm in your arsenal who will do all the little things that you need to get ahead of the competition. Count on USA to help you win more business, and let’s grow together.

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