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Who is Remee Wire and Cable?

If you need low voltage wire and cable, consider Remee.

Committed to providing high quality made in the USA products, Remee Wire & Cable is large enough to handle volume but small enough to provide quick turn-around & develop customized products for our customers.

We manufacture both common and customized products at our facility in Orange County, NY featuring:

  • Fiber Optic
  • Control / Security
  • LAN / Premise
  • Home Automation / Multi- Media
  • Coaxial
  • Audio
  • Fire Alarm
  • Direct Burial

Our personal attention to your needs and the exceptional value we provide is what sets us apart from our competitors. We strive each day to provide excellence in manufacturing through the high quality-control standards we have established with our dedicated employees. We are fulfilling the needs of our customers through superior service and detailed technical support. Engineered with you in mind, we are here to do more than sell products; our goal is to provide solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Available features:

  • Composite/Hybrid (Skipbound or Jacketed) Cables
  • Plenum High-Temperature Electronic Wire & Cable
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable
  • Customized Jacketed Cable
  • Private Labeling
  • Private Packaging


Products / Solutions

Remee Wire & Cable plans, designs and manufactures products that deliver superior performance.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification assures that all production requirements are met.

Superior service assures all customer needs are exceeded.

Our products have been engineered and manufactured in the USA since 1972.

We proudly serve distributors, OEM’s, end users, contractors and architects with quality products at exceptional values.

Remee Wire & Cable Featured Products


Fiber Optic Cables

A fiber optic cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light.

There are two main categories of fiber optic cable, Loose Tube and Tight Buffer. Remee manufactures both categories of fiber optic cable.

Remee has been manufacturing fiber optic cable for decades and has invested in the manufacturing of fiber optic cables in order to keep pace with changing technologies. In order to continue to produce the highest quality product, we provide: testing, scheduling and training specific to fiber optic cables.

We produce:

  • Indoor & outdoor fiber optic cable
  • Armored & unarmored configurations
  • Polyethylene, Low Smoke Zero Halogen & PVC jacket types
  • 2 – 288 fibers
  • SM, MM, OM3 & OM4 configurations
  • 10 GIG fiber types

Our fiber optic cable is suited for most applications including demanding conditions such as:

Look for Remee’s branded trademark REMFO for a world of difference in your fiber optic cable projects.



Fire Alarm Cables


Fire alarm systems serve as a life line and a connection to first responders. When a signal is transmitted to the central monitoring center, failure is not an option, it must be guaranteed. Conventional Fire Alarm Systems have been around for many years and have changed little. They provide well-proven technology protecting many hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. Remee fire alarm cable is backed with our 40+ years of manufacturing experience in our NY facility.

Our US made fire alarm cable is:

  • 12awg – 24awg bare copper
  • PVC & plenum (FPLR / FPLP)
  • Shielded & Unshielded

Remee manufactures Fire Alarm Cable to meet NYC Local Law 5 Fire Alarm requirements as well as other municipal specifications.

Remee Wire & Fire Alarm Cable is ETL listed.

Available options include:

  • A variety of colors
  • A variety of stripping options
  • A variety of environmental ratings

All Remee fire alarm cable features our EZ Peel Off Jacket that provides a fast & secure installation.



Control, Security and Audio Cables


The standard offering for 300V control, instrumentation and security installations are cables with bare copper conductors under flame retardant insulations & jackets. Certain constructions may also be used for direct burial installations. Remee also offers cables with several other insulation and jacket combinations as available options.

Our full range of communication, security & control cables are suitable for a wide range of applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Security systems
  • Pro audio
  • Sound & intercom systems
  • Annunciators
  • Power-limited controls

Remee offers:

  • 12awg – 25awg stranded bare copper
  • PVC & plenum
  • Oxygen Free Copper
  • Shielded & unshielded
  • Varying jacket colors available

Remee control cable meets applicable ETL & CSA requirements.

All Remee control cable is manufactured under our ISO9001 certification.


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Remee Wire & Cable, USA

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For details and more information please e-mail us, or call 1-949-306-6899.



Synergy - USA - Unique Sales Agency, Manufacturers' Represented

Remee Wire & Cable Manufacturers Representative – Unique Sales Agency

First, USA represents quality electrical manufacturers’ around the world. Some of our manufacturers’ represented you may know like the back of your hand, and some of them might end up being your best-kept secret.

Second, When you’re working with USA and our manufacturers’, you can definitely count on these three elements.

  1. Trust. 

    Both USA and our manufacturers have a reputation of being best-in-class at what we do. You can trust your unique needs will be met. We will deliver results to your organization.

  2. Quality. 

    While we deliver results, those results are high quality. The products we sell are manufactured to the highest standards by some of the best manufacturers in the world. All of our manufacturers’ represented perform to standards that are equal to or greater than those listed in ISO 9001-2008.

  3. Performance. 

    All products sold are manufactured to global standards including ICEA, IEEE, NEMA and ASTM. We don’t believe in offering inferior products, and we know you and your customers appreciate that. When it comes to performance, we are looking to exceed your expectations.

Finally, you have a manufacturer’s rep firm in your arsenal who will do all the little things that you need to get ahead of the competition. Count on USA to help you win more business, and let’s grow together.

For details and more information please e-mail us, or call 1-949-306-6899.