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  2. America’s Best Management Consulting Firms
  3. Who are we?
  4. Company Leadership
  5. What we do?
  6. Alliances
  7. Who we work with?
  8. Our Approach
  9. Consulting Industry Specializations
  10. Electrical Wire and Cable Consulting
  11. Electrical & Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturing Consulting
  12. Metals and Mining Consulting
  13. Infrastructure Construction Building-Products Consulting
  14. Energy: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Consulting
  15. Utilities & Sustainable Renewables Consulting
  16. Telecommunications Consulting
  17. Automotive Consulting
  18. Aerospace, Defense, and Government Consulting
  19. Banking and Financial Services Consulting
  20. Forbes: Professional Managers May Be an Endangered Species 1 of 2
  21. Forbes: Professional Managers May Be an Endangered Species 2 of 2
  22. Seven Tips For Hiring The Right Consulting Firm 1 of 2
  23. Seven Tips For Hiring The Right Consulting Firm 2 of 2
  24. Top 4 reasons why clients hire USA Consulting LLC

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America’s Best Management Consulting Firms:  

“At a time when disruption is seemingly the only constant in the corporate world, business leaders have increasingly enlisted management consultants to develop the digital solutions, employee experiences and financial strategies they need to remain competitive.” – Forbes  

Who Are We?

We’re your trusted partners in growing your organization, helping ordinary people create extraordinary results.


No matter how complex your business questions, USA Consulting has the capacity and know-how to deliver the solutions you need to move forward. As a specialty consulting firm, we help you take conclusive action and attain sustainable results that will drive your organization towards profitability and a long term path to success.

Company Leadership

Brandon L. Jonseck, MBA

President & Executive Director

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  • Proven Fortune-500 Consulting Leader, experience advising and leading teams on over a Trillion-dollars in projects spanning over two decades, continually hired by companies like Disney, Apple, ITW, Bank of America, Southwire, General Cable, and more.
  • MBA Finance & Educated at Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Penn, Brown, Michigan, Johns Hopkins in STEM, Medical Technology, Executive Leadership, Strategic Management, Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Distribution, Sustainable Energy, Critical Thinking and more.
  • Senior business leader with demonstrated success in developing corporate strategy, managing autonomous business units and leading national sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and management consulting divisions.

What We Do?

Helping our clients to solve their most complex issues.

At USA Consulting, we’re fully dedicated to helping our clients succeed, from new startups to established Fortune 500 companies – and the work we do with them is as uniquely varied as they are.

Through our specialized expertise, we help organizations capitalize on opportunities. We help drive successful organizational change, and in a fast-changing world, we give our clients the full support necessary to be effective today while creating long-term growth for tomorrow.

  • Customer Experience   (Better before cheaper)
  • Revenue Growth and Profitability  (Revenue before cost)
  • Cost Reduction
  • Innovation
  • Capability Building
  • Data Analytics

Our Alliances

At USA Consulting we believe that our alliances throughout the world give the best opportunity to offer unparalleled value to our clients.

We partner with many of the top 50 consulting firms in the world, providing our expertise whenever they have specialized needs, and likewise, when it comes to general management consulting professional services we have access to and employ the very best consultants in the world from their war chest. We consistently bring the best minds to the table to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met from corporations such as Bain & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, Ernst & Young, and more. We blend experts from the finest professional services organizations to ensure we fully address our clients needs.

In addition to our consultant portfolio from the crème de la crème of multinational professional consulting firms, we have all of the top experts who currently work for, or have retired from industry titans in each of our key areas of expertise. We employ experts from testing laboratories, scientists, manufacturing gurus, corporate executives, inventors, Military Generals, and more. Through our strategic relationships with top industry leaders, and a host of businesses with specialized capabilities, we blend powerful technology, distinctive capabilities and industry experience to best help our clients address their toughest challenges.

Who we work with

We work with thousands of clients in more than 50 countries, from start-ups to multinationals across all sectors, helping them overcome their most pressing challenges.

Our happy USA Consulting clients include some of the largest organizations on the Fortune 500 including many companies listed on the Forbes Global 2000. We have ongoing relationships lasting over 10 years with companies like Disney, Apple, and a major portion of industrial, manufacturing, and energy focused clients.   

We’re world leaders in specialized and select industries including being the #1 electrical wire & cable consulting firm, as well as one of the best specialty consulting firms in numerous areas of expertise.. Our USA Consulting experts work together with entrepreneurs to bring their products and ideas to market through individually tailored services and programs. We also advise government and public-sector organizations worldwide. Our work focuses on helping them increase their resilience, strengthen their local economies and communities, and improve the lives of their citizens through sustainable action.

Our Approach

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
–  Steve Jobs

We begin our approach at USA Consulting by asking better questions: questions that challenge, inspire and unlock new answers to some of today’s most pressing challenges. Fulfilling our purpose starts by asking better questions, because the better the question, the better the answer.

These better answers help our clients operate more efficiently, manage risk, foster growth and inspire confidence, which, ultimately, leads to organizational excellence. We believe that every project, every strategic goal, every expert advisory opportunity, and every single interaction with a client or colleague should be an environment where excellence is expected.

Consulting Industry Specializations

Electrical Wire & Cable Consulting

Electrical & Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturing Consulting

Metals & Mining Consulting

Infrastructure Construction Building Products Consulting

Energy: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Consulting

Utilities & Sustainable Renewables Consulting

Telecommunications Consulting

Automotive Consulting

Aerospace, Defense & Government Consulting

Banking and financial services Consulting

Electrical Wire and Cable Consulting

  • When it comes to electrical wire & cable consulting in the $27+ Billion dollar United States Wire and Cable Market we are second to none. We are the authorities on Wire & Cable Testing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Specifications, Wire & Cable Types, Customers, Contracts, Engineering, Construction and everything in between.
  • USA Consulting is the #1 go-to specialty wire & cable consulting company that all others turn to when Wire and Cable consulting is required in the USA, throughout North America and in many countries around the world.
  • Our expert Wire & Cable Consultants currently work for or have previously worked at organizations such as (UL) Underwriters Laboratories, Anixter, General Cable, NASA, The DOD, Army Corps of Engineers, Belden, Okonite, Southwire, and more.

Electrical & Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturing Consulting

  • USA Consulting helps electrical power equipment manufacturing companies around the world benefit from new technological and operational advances while managing market volatility and continually changing regulations.
  • Our Electrical & Power Equipment Manufacturing consulting experts work with the companies that develop power transmission and distribution products and systems — such as, cables, transformers, switchgear — and the solutions that support these products.
  • Our expert Industrial Machinery equipment manufacturing consultants currently work at or have previously worked at companies such as ABB, Eaton, Emerson, Rockwell, GE, and more.

Metals and Mining Consulting

  • USA Consulting has a dedicated team of global metals and mining experts across developed and emerging economies. Our projects span a wide range of issues, including turnaround programs, operational improvement and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Our Metals and Mining Consulting experience spans the entire production cycle, from upstream mining and raw material inputs to primary metal production, fabrication and distribution.
  • Our expert metals and mining consultants work at or have worked at companies such as Freeport-McMoRan, Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP, Newmont, and more.

Infrastructure Construction Building Products Consulting

  • USA Consulting works with the world’s leading construction and building products firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments..
  • Projects are getting bigger and more complex—more than 70% larger across most verticals. Our Infrastructure, Construction, and building products consultants help top companies raise their game to compete in more complex and more specialized construction market sectors.
  • Our expert Infrastructure, Construction, and building products consultants work at or have worked at companies such as Bechtel, Fluor, AECOM, Kiewit, Skanska, and more.

Energy: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Consulting

Construction, Worker, Oil, Rig, Building
  • USA Consulting works with the world’s leading Energy: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.
  • Our leading energy consultants advise national oil companies,independent commercial oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oilfield service firms, private equity investors, governments, and sovereign wealth funds as they seek to compete in the always dynamic Energy industry.
  • Our expert Energy: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical consultants work at or have worked at companies such as Chevron, Shell, Exxon, BP, Saudi Aramco, Phillips 66, and more.

Utilities & Sustainable Renewables Consulting

  • USA Consulting works with the world’s leading Utilities & Sustainable Renewables firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.
  • Our Utilities and Renewable Energy consultants help face the challenges facing utility companies around the globe including increased competition, potentially limited government subsidies, increasing and more strict CO2 regulations, increased customer churn and new technological disruption.
  • Our expert Utilities & Sustainable Renewables consultants currently, or have formerly worked at companies such as National Grid, Duke Energy, NextEra, American Electric Power and more.

Telecommunications Consulting

  • USA Consulting works with the world’s leading Telecommunications firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.
  • Our leading Telecommunications Consultants serve telcos around the world, helping them to better understand customers, design and build far superior networks, capture a truly sustainable path to growth and achieve measurable cost savings all while maintaining excellent performance.
  • USA Consulting employs Telecommunications consultants who currently work, or have formerly worked at companies such as Verizon, Comcast Corporation, Cox Cable, Charter Communications, and more.

Automotive Consulting

  • USA Consulting works with over 80% of the Automotive manufacturers in the United States in some form or fashion from Detroit Michigan to California and everywhere in between.
  • Our industry leading Automotive Consultant work extremely close with automotive vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers, automotive retailers, and auto technology companies to develop innovative strategies that make making cars and trucks amazing.
  • USA Consulting employs Automotive consultants who currently work, or have formerly worked at companies such as Volkswagen, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Kia, Tesla, General Motors, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more.

Aerospace, Defense, and Government Consulting

  • USA Consulting has worked closely with Aerospace, Defense, and Government organizations to design and build effective weapons systems, infrastructure, technology, all while providing a strategic vision to our defense clients who count on us to provide them excellence in every facet of their operation.
  • We work closely with the top Aerospace, defense and government services firms who each face a unique and dynamic environment that is constantly evolving. We’ve helped Aerospace, defense and government clients in hundreds of different areas of the market.
  • USA Consulting employs Aerospace, Defense, and Government consultants who currently work, or have formerly worked with NASA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Defense, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, BAE, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and more.

Banking and Financial Services Consulting

  • USA Consulting has tremendous expertise in financial services, banking, investment, always looking beyond the industry and drawing upon our expert consultants capabilities and long term experience.
  • We tailor our Banking and Financial Services Consulting offerings to the needs of our financial services clients to better help them solve problems and pursue new opportunities in markets that we are deeply ingrained in such as Electrical Wire & Cable, Electrical & Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, Infrastructure Construction Building Products, Energy: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical,
  • USA Consulting employs Banking and Financial Services Consultants who currently work, or have formerly worked with Bank of America, Merrill-Lynch , Chase, Goldman-Sachs, Berkshire-Hathaway, J.P. Morgan, and more.

Professional Managers May Be an Endangered Species

Bain Insights – We are a global business consulting firm.

By James Allen, James Root and Andrew Schwedel

This article originally appeared on

For almost a century, professional managers have been viewed as central to a company’s performance. The organizational goal was to advance the best performers into management—to take expert bricklayers, so to speak, and make them managers of other bricklayers. Rewards and recognition flowed accordingly.

This prevailing paradigm is changing. CEOs of larger companies consistently tell me how difficult it is to free up employees and other resources to mobilize for important opportunities, despite the obvious need for speed. That’s why more emerging leaders focus on creating communities of expertise within the firm or among its external partners—think guilds of bricklayers.

These firms have identified their mission-critical roles. They reorient investment around critical roles that deliver the best customer experience, and place their best talent in the roles. The payoff can be significant, as top talent dramatically outperforms average talent in mission-critical roles.

In Silicon Valley, successful start-ups often put software engineers in mission-critical roles. A music-streaming company organizes its engineers into self-managing squads of no more than eight members, each with end-to-end responsibility for a cluster of product features. Squad members decide what to build, how to build it, and whom they need to work with to ensure interoperability. A game-design firm uses an even more radical model, one without supervisors, where the team chooses what it wants to work on and gets publicly rated by other team members.

A mission-critical orientation has spread outside Silicon Valley-type environments as well. At a white goods manu­facturer with more than 70,000 employees, the core units are self-organizing teams built around the mission-critical roles in marketing, design and manufacturing. Teams focus on specific projects and get staffed through an internal market for talent. Recently, the manufacturer has moved to eliminate most support teams, which historically played a coordination role, and opened up its teams to external partners.

With more self-organizing teams, firms need fewer professional managers. The span of remaining managers will widen considerably as more communication becomes peer-to-peer rather than hub-and-spoke. Already, many multinationals have dropped their formal performance-ranking systems; instead, some companies are trying continuous and public peer feedback and reviews.

The definition of leadership also changes. Some tracks will still recognize and reward the efficient management of routine processes, because the product still needs to be shipped and the books balanced. But now other tracks, just as highly prized, value the coaching and development of apprentices as they migrate from one role to another.

As more activities become automated or outsourced, almost all remaining roles will be mission-critical. Most work will be project-based, with small, self-managed teams being the dominant organizational unit. That shift will vastly reduce the number of perma­nent supervisors and bosses, replaced by mentors who coach and help guide employees’ careers from project to project.

The challenge for senior executives will be to simultaneously manage two systems: one built of self-managed-teams, innovating on a specific project; and another that still uses hierarchical routines and processes, glued together in a matrix. Leaders will have to define different career paths and rewards for the expert team members and for the professional managers who do remain.

Every company has mission-critical roles, whether or not it explicitly organizes around them. To get the most from these roles, at the very least senior leaders must identify them and develop a plan to fill them with the best talent. Leaders increasingly add value by en­abling the critical roles rather than controlling information flows. And at traditional firms, they will also need to guide people through the mother of all change-management journeys.  

Seven Tips For Hiring The Right Consulting Firm

By: Joe Farris – Forbes Councils

Joe is the Co-Founder of Nua Group, a Human Resources advisory firm.

This article originally appeared on

Consulting quality and the value you get out of it is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you want to hire a consulting firm to generate fresh ideas for your business, get access to the consultants’ expertise and experience, or augment your business, these seven tips will make sure that you get the right firm hired and make your collaboration as effective as possible.

1. Formulate a clear brief.

When you first meet your potential consulting partner, be very clear about your business objectives, timeframes and desired outcomes (and no, the question “What does success look like to you?” has not gone out of style). In fact, treat your consultant as your doctor: Tell them everything they need to know about your business and the challenges that you’re facing — and then some. Do not leave out the details you consider insignificant as they might offer the consultant deeper insights into the problem that help them solve it more efficiently.

2. Be wary and look for independence.

It’s not surprising that the consulting industry has got a bad rep. After years and years of billing clients by the hour and pitching them products and services to hit their sales targets, consulting firms have done some significant damage. As a client, when you meet and work with a consultant, be diligent: Pay attention to who’s agenda is most important in the conversation. Are you being sold ready-to-use solutions, or is the consultant fully focused on your agenda? Ask about how they are being compensated. Conflicts may be difficult to avoid — the key is to know about them and address them upfront.

3. Speak the same language.

While technically you’re probably speaking the same language to your consultant already, you need to make sure you are being understood exactly the way you mean it, because people use same words to mean different things. Explain your terminology to the consultant to make sure that there are no ambiguities about what you actually mean. Understanding how your company speaks or defines terms can help a consultant understand your brief and objectives better and focus on the right aspects of the job.  

4. Don’t be afraid to talk money.

The days when clients played the “being vague about the budget” game and when consultants played the budget guessing game are over. Save your (and your consultant’s) time and communicate your budget requirements and expectations upfront. With the budget guidance, your consultant will offer you a concise plan that will get you to your desired outcome in the most efficient way, while staying within the budget you have. It will also save you the time you would otherwise spend talking to the wrong consultants.

5. Define the outcome.

In your work with the consultant, focus on the outcome, not on the time needed to deliver it. Be clear with your consultant about the body of work and the business outcome you are expecting from it and take time to discuss and define the results further with the consultant. While many consulting firms used to charge clients by the hour, this approach often is not effective. Consultants typically do not like to bill clients by the hour, nor do clients want to feel like every minute they spend talking to a consultant costs them money. By focusing on the business outcome rather than on the hours, you’re holding the consulting firm accountable for the results within the timeline and the budget that you have.

6. Don’t expect your consultant to be “a visitor.”

Working with a consulting firm is not a one-way street. Do not expect that your consultant will hit the ground running following your brief and will come back to you when the project is over. It’s a process of collaboration where both parties are taking an active role. Don’t expect your consultant to be a visitor, but rather an extension of your team. Invite your consultant to be present on-site, get into the weeds with you and get integrated within your team. That’s the only way they can get a deep understanding of the challenges you’re facing and, ultimately, identify the best solution.

7. Don’t skip regular check-ins.

It might sound boring, but project management is essential for ensuring the deliverables. Avoid the scenario where a kick-off meeting with your consultant is followed by a final deliverable meeting at the end of the project when it’s too late to make any adjustments for the best outcome. Ensure that you and your consultant have regular check-ins: a 30-minute weekly call with an agenda and progress highlights, as well issues, challenges, bottlenecks and questions will give you sufficient control over the project’s progress. Don’t forget about other project check-ins either: Whether you plan to have quarterly, bi-annual or annual reviews, define the project milestones in advance and stay true to making them happen.  

Finding the right consultant is not an easy task. You need someone who will understand your business and has the right expertise, as well as who can act upon it and deliver the results you need. By following the tips above you’re making your experience of finding the right consultant easier and eliminating the risk of working with a wrong one who can waste your time and money. And while there are still companies out there that are giving great consultants a bad name, do not settle for outdated approaches and retired mindsets. Find someone who will work with you, not for you.

Top 4 Reasons Why Clients Hire USA Consulting LLC

  1. Clients require an educated outside opinion
  2. Clients need extra manpower
  3. Clients want specialized skills from subject matter experts
  4. Clients require a 3rd party to confirm a potentially controversial decision they would like to make, offering them additional protection in making the decision.

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